Support for you and your employees


Work Place Wellbeing plans offer a wide range of benefits for your staff team.  


With over 30 years combined experience working in the health and wellbeing sector, Andrew & Samantha Mooney have developed a level of understanding and knowledge concerning what works and truly supports organisations, businesses and teams to flourish and reach their potential. 

Contact us to discuss a workplace wellbeing package to support your employees or your business or organisation.


As experienced health and wellbeing practitioners, writers, presenters, successful business owners and employers, Andrew Mooney and Samantha Davidson offer real, practical and sustainable support to increase health and wellbeing within the workplace.


Whether it be programmes to support employees, employers, teams or whole organisations, our team can offer authentic support that comes not from just useful information but from the basis that they are committed to their own self-care and health and wellbeing and so live everything they present.

All programmes are tailor made, interactive, with a commitment to support every person within your organisation to explore how they can support themselves in all of life.


An organisation is only as good as the people who work within it and so supporting the health and wellbeing of the staff of any workplace supports the overall health and wellbeing of the whole organisation.

We can support you to put people first rather than the product, profit or performance which can result in a happier and healthier workplace.

Sam & Andrew. 2016. Batch 5 (151 of 157)

Wellbeing Plans can include:

  • Presentations and workshops concerning self-care, posture, burnout, stress, team-building, group dynamics, lifestyle coaching and workplace relationships.

  • Exercise classes & programmes

  • Body & Breath Connection programmes

  • Posture, fitness & body awareness


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