The women’s wellbeing programmes and sessions support you to reconnect with the woman that you are, beyond what you do in day to day life. We often get overwhelmed and occupied by the ‘to do list’, or the pressures we feel in life and begin to lose focus of who we are and what enables us to truly flourish in life.  

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Samantha works from an established foundation as a Complementary Health Practitioner, presenter of women’s health and wellbeing events and writer, but also fundamentally through a lived foundation of experience and awareness as a woman, through her own professional development, personal healing and exploration.  


The women's health and wellbeing programmes are based on discovering that when we build a relationship with our body that is supportive and nurturing then we have a foundation to walk with everyday that is vital, stable and steady. 


Samantha supports women to redevelop a deeper relationship with themselves, their being and their body, and from this a reconnection of what is known to be true can be developed and explored, which can be deeply empowering and so liberate the potential within.  


"Samantha has a very gentle way that made me feel at ease straight away. We talked for about 15 minutes and then chose an area of my body to work on, which was perfect for what I needed at that moment. Samantha’s touch is very gentle and I surrendered into a gentle sleep. After the session I felt very relaxed and more connected with my body."

AV, Somerset

What to expect in a 

Women's Wellbeing session

The session will begin by checking in and reflecting on anything in the woman’s life of concern or relevance be it physical symptoms, emotions, habits, or observations and will proceed with appropriate body work. The body work supports the potential to shift postural and emotional habits and reconnect with the body. Offering a new perspective, while offering the space to breathe, rest and deeply regenerate.  A programme can be established to work with a particular issue or symptom as is presented.