Lifestyle Medicine

Feeling tired, stressed, anxious, achy or stiff?

Do you find that you get some relief from medication or treatments only to find that the problem keeps coming back like some arch villain in movie!?

Sure we have some great medicine and treatments that can help us out, but often we only look at the short term relief of our aches, stress or fatigue but don’t always look at what might be the underlying cause.

Lifestyle medicine is all about looking at the prevention and the deeper cause of our issues rather than simply trying to fix or relieve them. For example we might have an achy back and go and get a massage to relieve the pain, but do we look at the fact that we have been working from home on a laptop and sofa for the last 6 months?!

Here at the clinic we do of course always consider supporting the painful bits, but we also like to look deeper at the lifestyle factors that may be causing the problem. We support our clients to assess how they are living and how this might be affecting their health longer term. This can include anything from posture and movement patterns to sleep patterns, diet, exercise as well as manual handling, ergonomics and every day daily tasks that we do.

Looking at these things does not have to be boring or serious or self-critical but can be an enlightening and liberating exploration of our lifestyle and very empowering, for once we know that how we might be doing something in our day is affecting our health/wellbeing then we can actually do something about it. And it can be a lot of fun!

The changes we might make don’t always have to be massive, earth shattering shifts, but lots of small adjustments quickly add up. All parts of the whole 24 hours of daily life are important and contribute to the bigger picture. No part is more or less important than the other.

Simplicity is key and often very simple changes or choices in our daily life can have a big impact. Something as simple as changing the way we walk or how often we walk can really significantly improve our health and wellbeing.

So where do we start? Well listening to our own body or developing body awareness is the first step. This requires an honest look at how our bodies are feeling when we do what we do in daily life. This does not have to involve being hard on ourselves, but simply willing to be open to what our bodies are telling us.

All of our programs and treatments here at the clinic involve supporting people to listen to their bodies more as this then builds into a very personalised program that is specific to each person and what is going on for them in their life. We can all become body whisperers!

There are no recipes or ‘one size fits all magic bullets’ in this approach for what might work for one person may not be the case for another.

Here at the clinic we do our best to support people to be more aware of their bodies and to tune into them more so that they can discover for themselves what their next steps need to be to achieve a greater level of health and wellbeing for them.

All of our one-on-one sessions and exercise classes including the Stretch & Flow Class (women only) and SpineFit Class of course focus on improving flexibility, body alignment and strength to ease the aches and pains that people come to see us for, but also include building a foundation of body awareness to support the longer term lifestyle factors and therefore prevention of the problem.

It is very much a front foot proactive approach to health rather than the back foot reactive approach of waiting for something to go wrong and then trying to fix it.

Samantha and I have both experienced and experimented with body awareness for many years and have felt the significant benefits of this. We feel it is so important when addressing the lifestyle factors that contribute to ill health, that we have launched a brand new program here at the clinic called Body Connect specifically designed to support a greater awareness and connection with our body. How we move (including how we breathe) and hold ourselves everyday is crucial for our health and wellbeing. This program will present simple tools and techniques that you can use in your every day life to support you to stay more steady and more vital in your daily life with less stress and strain on your body. To find out more or book on the program click here.

Building a foundation of body awareness can support greater health and wellbeing longer term and will mean we can empower ourselves to see and change the lifestyle factors that may be affecting our health.

To find out more contact us today

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