Do you have back pain?

Back pain is one of the leading causes of pain, reduced movement and disability globally, and it is most common in adults between the ages of 35 and 56 (1).

It is the main cause of absence from work and has a detrimental social and economic burden on individuals, families, but also countrywide, for example the United Kingdom has approximately 100 million workday absences attributed to back pain alone (1).

The terms ‘acute’ and ‘chronic’ are used to define whether it is a short or longer term condition. Acute being pain and reduced movement that lasts less than 6 weeks and chronic being pain and reduced movement that persists longer than 6 weeks (2).

Many of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives, often due to a number of contributing factors which can include stress, postural dysfunction, injury, occupational hazards, repetitive movements, lack of suitable exercise or stretching, reduced physical health and lifestyle choices (1).

Often people experience short term back pain which can last a few days or up to 6 weeks and with rest, home treatment and pain relief it often resolves. However it is always important to look at why the pain happened in the first place and to look at prevention as well as easing the symptoms. This can include looking at various lifestyle factors which may be contributing to excess loading or stresses on the body and the spine. Otherwise there can be repeated short term episodes of back pain which left untreated or undealt with can result in repeated bouts of back pain increasing over time, and can lead to a more chronic longer term back issue.

This is where Physiotherapy and Remedial Massage can be very helpful if you have back pain. By completing a full thorough interview and physical assessment we look at all the lifestyle factors and the details of what is happening in the body to design a bespoke personalised program that will support the body to heal and recover from injury. Or in the case of some long standing conditions e.g. arthritis that cannot be fully healed, to support with improved function and mobility and to support people to manage and live well with their condition (5).

Physiotherapy and Remedial Massage can be of benefit at any time of life. They not only treat the symptoms of back pain but support you to develop techniques, awareness, and life skills to avoid having it in the first place.

How we can support at the clinic:


  • Undertake a full assessment and medical diagnosis of potential causes of back pain including movement, posture and lifestyle factors.

  • Referral on to a GP or specialist when appropriate

  • Exercise rehabilitation programs including core strengthening programs

  • Postural, ergonomic, manual handling advice

  • Manual therapy and electrotherapy when appropriate to realign the spine and support soft tissue healing

  • Education and advice in terms of general lifestyle factors (3)

Remedial Massage:

  • Complements Physiotherapy treatments

  • Supports a correction of physical misalignment and postural dysfunctions

  • Reduces pain and stress levels

  • Supports the soft tissue healing process

  • Reduces tension and increases flexibility and freedom of movement

  • Supports general wellbeing due to it therapeutic effects.

  • Supports rehabilitation from muscular injuries by aiding recovery and repair

  • Includes an assessment of movement, posture alignment and lifestyle factors.

  • Includes home care and exercise programs and general lifestyle advice. (4)

The clinic offers treatments to assist with the restoration of movement and function if you are affected by acute or chronic back pain, illness, injury or disability. At the heart of what we of do is supporting our clients on their rehabilitation journey through empowerment, education, awareness and participation in their treatment plan (5).

Give us a call to find out more: 01208 816666

If you think that what we offer at the clinic can assist you with managing or resolving your back pain why not give us a call and book an appointment. Andrew and Samantha are always happy to talk about the options and support with finding the best treatment plan available.

*Please note that this blog is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice and do see your GP if you have any concerns about your back pain as not all back pain is related to musculoskeletal causes. There can be some serious medical conditions that present as back pain. Be aware that if any of the below are present it is essential to seek medical advice immediately (6):

· Numbness around your anus and genitals, known as the saddle area.

· Recent sudden changes in sexual function and/or loss of sensation in the genital area

· Changes in bladder and/or bowel function including loss of control or being unable to pass urine/bowel motion

· Sudden severe onset of back pain that is worse at night or when lying flat or disturbing sleep

· Pain that seems to be increasing despite medications or rest

· Sudden acute back pain caused from a trauma, impact or fall.

· If you have pins and needles, any weakness or numbness in the arms or legs

· A medical history of cancer

· Unsteadiness with walking

· If you have a fever or feel generally unwell

· If you have had sudden unexplained weight loss

· If you have unexplained abdominal pain

· If you have shortness of breath or pain with deep breathing






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