Healthy From The Inside Out

Here at Inside Out Health we understand that foundational and sustainable health, wellbeing, vitality and quality of life comes from our inner relationship with ourselves and our bodies and not from outside of us. Often we rely too much on information or advice from outside of us to tell us what to do. Of course it is always very sensible to seek expert advice and support when we have a problem with our health and we always encourage our clients to see their GP or health care professional if they have an issue. I definitely do not encourage people to diagnose themselves or go on Dr Google! Having said that, if we only rely on what we are told to do from outside we are missing a big piece of the puzzle. We are the experts of our own body. We know our body and what is going on with it better than anyone else because we live in it every day. We may not have all the technical knowledge or skills or training to always understand it all from a technical or medical point of view, but we do know what is going on. For example if we are feeling tired or exhausted, this is something our body will be telling us all the time and because we are the ones living with our bodies 24 hours a day, we will know better than anyone exactly why we are tired or exhausted. There may be something physical going on or wrong in the body that needs addressing and this is where the doctor or physio or medicine comes in as they can diagnose and treat whatever physical imbalance or problem we might have. However as I always say to my clients, even as good and experienced a physio as I am, I cannot follow someone around 24 hours a day to see what they are doing or how they are living to really know everything that might be contributing to the problem. Listening to our bodies and the constant communication that our bodies are offering us is the key to starting the process of learning how to really support your health and well being. This is something we focus on a lot in our one-on-one sessions and also in our workshops and classes. If we can develop a greater awareness and sensitivity with our bodies then we will very quickly know for ourselves what supports us and what does not in our daily life. How empowering and how amazing in terms of long term health and well being! Developing body awareness is really very easy and simple and can be started even in one session. All too often we live in our heads and the constant barrage of information and thoughts and demands placed on us and we can lose connection with our bodies. Much of life does not support us to stay connected to our bodies. Sometimes we can even see our bodies as a bit of pest or a nuisance that we wish we did not have and that they get in the way of what we want to do. I can understand this to a point if we have a disability or an injury that is preventing us from doing something. But our bodies can also be great guides, teachers, mentors and companions guiding us and constantly showing us how we can make choices and changes to bring us greater health, well being, vitality, joy, and ultimately a quality of life that is worth living.

Find out how simple it can be to develop everyday techniques to support body awareness and self care practices. It is the foundation of holistic health and wellbeing. Call us to find out how we can support at the clinic: 01208 816 666

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