Pregnancy Massage: Post and Pre-Natal

This is the final blog in our current series about massage and the different types of massage that Inside Out Health & Well being Clinic offers in Wadebridge.

As we have mentioned in our earlier blogs in this series, massage has been found to be supportive for relaxation and de-stressing (1).

A one off session can be great but an ongoing program can bring even more benefits.

Pregnancy Massage

Great for: reducing swelling, aches and pains and supporting with the emotional and physical changes in pregnancy and after pregnancy.

Pre or Post Natal Massage can support women as their body is experiencing the many changes that occur, both physically and emotionally, throughout pregnancy and after pregnancy.

You can have the practical support of massage for a specific issue e.g. lower back pain, but also have the space to connect, rest and deepen your connection with your body and the pregnancy.

The massage can take place seated or side lying and the strokes are gentle, flowing and kneading to relax and revitalise. Care is taken throughout the massage to support your body and your 'baby bump'.

A pregnancy massage can provide the space to rest, destress and reflect. Often we are busy in life and having a massage when you are pregnant, or after giving birth, is a beautiful stop moment to appreciate where you are at and how you are feeling.

Do you have a friend or a family member who is pregnant and would benefit from a massage and some time for themselves?

Did you know we have gift vouchers available?

Get in touch with Samantha to find out more: 01208 816 666

Have a look at our prices section to see for a discount code for all intial appointments - please note this cannot be used when purchasing a gift voucher.


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