7 Everyday Tips for Relaxation

Stepper Point, Rock Beach, Cornwall

Many of us feel stressed at times, and if this stress becomes a regular daily thing we are living with, than this can have an impact on the body. We generally feel this impact as tension which can affect our health and wellbeing.

In our busy and often complicated lives how can we support ourselves to be more relaxed and less stressed?

Read on for seven simple practical every actions you can take.... 1. Meditation: making mediation a part of everyday life is a great way to bring more steadiness and less stress. To get started you can spend a couple of minutes, two or three times a day, sitting or lying down, with the eyes gently closed bringing your full conscious awareness to the movement of your breath and how your body feels.

Make a conscious choice to choose a gentle supportive breath and follow that flow in through the top of the nostrils into the body and then out through the bottom of the nostrils. It is simple, free and great for checking in with how you are feeling. In between taking these moments out, you can make it a habit to be breath aware and settle your breath if it becomes short, shallow or racy throughout your day. 2. Be in the present moment: there is nothing like racing ahead in our thoughts or drawing through the past to get us feeling edgy, tired or anxious. Make it a habit to be aware of your body and your surroundings. Give full attention to the task you are undertaking and develop satisfaction in completing tasks and then moving on to what is needed next. 3. Ask for support: we often try and do it alone. When we reach out for the right support from friends, family, practitioners, professionals we may get a different angle on our situation that can be valuable. A fresh perspective and someone to listen may be all we need. 4. Connect with your body: Make it a habit to be body aware, listen, observe and respond….is it cold, hot, thirsty?.... does it need to go to the loo?.... do we need to have a stretch, sleep, rest?….the more we can listen to out bodies cues, the more balanced and settled we will feel. 5. Let go: even two or three simple gentle stretches, movements or exercises undertaken during the day can enable the body to release tension. If you have the opportunity grabbing 5-10 minutes to lie down or sit quietly and focusing on your breathing can be super supportive. You might also like to add a hot pack on the shoulders and neck or a gentle warmed eye pillow for 10 minutes to support the relaxation effect. 6. Gentle exercise: Make space in your day for a walk or gym or another type of exercise you enjoy. Gentle movement and exercise can support the body to release tension as well as its well known benefits to health and wellbeing. Daily exercise does not have to be intense or strenuous to be effective and in fact if we do exercise too hard it can have the opposite effect! 7. Appreciate: there are often moments in daily life that challenge us or we react to and there is no perfection. But do we only focus on these things or do we notice and appreciate all the small positive things in daily life?.... e.g. the sun on our back, a smile we receive, a warm supportive meal or a hot relaxing bath? Take a moment to be still and enjoy being you, not because of what you do but for who you are. And if you still feel like you are not sure where to start and would benefit from support, we have mediation, relaxation massage, healing, exercise and stretch programmes and all round support and encouragement for you and your wellbeing.

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