What type of Massage is right for you, Remedial Massage?

Have you ever thought about having a massage, but then been slightly bewildered by the many options available?... at Inside Out Health alone we have 5 different types of massage…

If you have been not sure about having a massage or been unable to decide which would be most beneficial for your condition or situation then read on and see if we can be of support!

If you are thinking about having a massage, some good questions to ask yourself would be:

Do I have a recent injury or pain or stiffness?

Do I have a long term condition or chronic pain?

Do I feel stressed, tense or tired?

Do I want to improve my posture or my general fitness?

Do I want to exercie more but find it hard because my body feels sore, stiff or tight?

Do I want to commit more to taking more care of myself and my body and need some support with this?

Do I want to prevent any injuries or physical problems with my body in future?

Do I have a job, sport or hobby that is stressful or physically demanding and does my body need some support to keep me going?

Do I want to be more connected to my body and more aware of my body?

Do I want to have more vitality and enjoy life more?

Massage actually can be a great support for all of the above plus many more!

We offer a range of massage treatments to support everyone, whether you have a specific problem or simply want to work on your overall wellbeing.

Over the next few weeks we will be featuring all of the massage treatments that we offer here at Inside Out Health. Each one supports the body in a particular way depending on what you are looking for. We hope that reading this blog series on massage will support you to choose which massage treatment would be best for you.

During this series on massage we will also debunking many of the myths around massage and hopefully answering all those burning questions you might have about massage and what it can do to support you. If you have a particular question about massage do email us and we will see if we can include your question in our next blog!

Hopefully by the end of this massage series you will know a lot more about massage and its benefits and if you have never had a massage before, we hope that this will encourage you to go for it, as a good quality massage really is one of life's magic moments and something definitely not to miss out on!

This week our feature massage treatment is Remedial Massage.

Remedial Massage

Great for: injury rehabilitation, stiff muscles and joints, postural issues and improving flexibility.

You may have a recent or long term pain or stiffness in a certain specific area of the body. The most common areas people experience pain or stiffness are the neck, shoulders and lower back. A Remedial Massage includes an assessment of posture, range of movement and balance of the soft tissues in your body, to determine what may be the cause of your symptoms.

A treatment programme is then personally designed to support the body back into balance and to deal with the direct cause of the stiffness or pain and may include massage, some deep tissue work, gentle manipulation of the muscles, postural assessment and realignment, exercise programmes and home care advice.

Remedial Massage is supportive for stiff necks, back pain, arthritis, sports injuries, headaches, sciatica, migraines, carpal tunnel, work related injuries, post surgery stiffness and scarring and many other physical conditions. It is great for supporting long term chronic issues such as arthritis or back pain. Regular maintenance massage can make a difference to your overall flexibility, movement and posture.

Right Treatment - Right Therapist

Having a massage can be something that might seem daunting for some people if you have never had one before and we sadly do often hear stories from our clients of some massages they have experienced which were not a positive experience for them. So finding the right therapist who can support you is vital. Here at Inside Out Health we are proud of the fact that we only have therapists who are super professional, friendly and have a high level of integrity and training. Samantha Mooney is our resident massage therapist and she is amazing at supporting people to be at ease and renowned for supporting people to get to the heart of their issue.

Samantha is a qualified Sports & Massage Therapist trained to Btec Level 4. She has continued her training since qualifying to develop her technique and knowledge and this is ongoing. She has experienced sciatica herself and understands what it is like to not be able to undertake normal everyday tasks due to pain. She understands through her own life experience and also from working with many clients, the key steps to improving flexibility and restoring painfree movement and therefore supporting overall wellbeing. Samantha lives a full and busy life and understands life's stress and strains. She is passionate about supporting people and their bodies to flourish and live well.

Massage Myth #1 - Massage is Only A Special Treat

Many people think of massage as an optional indulgence or a special treat that they might only consider on special occasions or only if they have a lot of extra money to spend. Massages are definitely a real treat to receive, are a great gift for yourself (or someone else!) and your body and they can be deeply restorative and restful. However they don't have to be only saved for special one off occasions. We often hear regular clients commenting that having a program or series of massage sessions on a regular basis has made a huge difference to their physical health and their quality of life.

Taking care of your body is just as important as taking care of your teeth. Many people go to see the hygienist on a regular basis to keep their teeth healthy and massage can be seen in the same way as a great, inexpensive way to provide a regular check up and physical support for your muscles and joints.

It pays off to make massage a part of your lifestyle and to see a massage therapist on a regular basis as some of the following testimonials show...

“I highly recommend this practice and even though I can now walk pain free I will still attend the clinic for my wellbeing.” LW

“Thank you so much for helping me to improve my health and well being. Massages are a dream.” DW

“Being free from back pain is amazing but working with Samantha has brought so much more. I look forward to continuing the journey to develop the connection with my body and enjoy the health and wellbeing this brings.” PH

"Massage is not a pamper or an indulgence, but a priceless asset for supporting you and your body to be prepared for what life brings."

Samantha Mooney

Next Steps:

If you would like more information or advice please get in touch and Samantha would be happy to answer any questions you might have and can discuss your particular condition.

Alternately you can simply book in and enjoy a massage! BOOK IN HERE

Or if you know someone who you know would benefit from having a massage let us know as we do GIFT VOUCHERS as well.

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