Get Started With An Everyday Stretch Routine - Part 3

Get Started with Your Stretch Programme

Do not be overly ambitious, it is better to do three stretches really well with great technique and be responsive to the body rather than do six without care or attention to the quality. You do not need to pick are certain time of day to stretch, but it may be helpful to find a window that works well for you. You can start off with once a day, but if it is working for you, I recommend making it something you make a habit throughout the day if a window of opportunity shows it self. Aim for 5 - 10 minutes a day, be present, observant and careful and build from there. Explore how stretching feels and be observant of the benefits, for example if you stretch in the morning are you less tight in the day, do you have more energy? Do your own research or seek advice about the best stretch for your body and mobility. The lower back, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, torso, shoulders and neck often get tight and focus on at least one stretch for each area. The technique, be breathe aware, check in with your posture, find a good point of stretch and hold it or gently move it, rather than bouncing it. Aim to hold it as a guide for 10 - 30 seconds, but let your body be the guide, you can build up how long you hold or do the stretch as you grow more used to the routine. Commit to stretching for a few minutes per stretch, get used to the movement, the position and the quality you are developing, stay present and focus on your body. Building an everyday programme of stretching exercises that you are familiar with as I say “Your go to…tool kit for life…” to support correct alignment and rebalance muscle groups can potentially in the longer term support improve posture and whole body wellbeing.

Studies have found that: “..correct posture is essential for maintaining balance of the body, proper arrangement of supporting structures, and effective functioning of the body; therefore, to say that correct posture is a prerequisite of a healthy life is not an exaggeration." We offer advice on exercise and stretching to support with rehabilitation, postural imbalance, strengthen and loosening up….at the clinic we support exercise programmes and changing habits that can make a real difference to body awareness, maintenance, wellbeing, body confidence and vitality. When you book in for a remedial massage at Inside Out Health not only can you benefit from a experienced massage therapist offering high quality body work and support, you can also benefit from postural and home care and we can tailor a bespoke exercise programme for you for ongoing maintenance. Take the opportunity to book in a remedial massage, exercise and postural consultation worth £50 and receive a discount of 20% when you book in with this code: StretchWell 2019


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