Stretch Safely - Part 2

If you are new to regularly stretching you will need to take it slow and not rush into overextending your body. You will need to build up steadily and it can take time to get used to the activity of stretching. it is not just what we do but how we do it. It maybe that you have a recent or pre-existing injury that limits your movement and it is important that you seek medical advice before you get started if you are concerned.

If there is an ongoing issue that you are familiar with it may be of benefit to see a your *Doctor before you proceed. You could also consider seeing a physiotherapist or remedial massage therapist to support with designing a stretching routine that meets your requirements. If you are not familiar with stretching or not done it for a while it is very important that you build up how much and how often you do and the level of stretch you undertake. If you do not build a foundation you are likely to have incur and injury or / and become demotivated. Do not stretch to far, take it step by step, pain is no gain. Pain is a sign that the stretch is working - there maybe a slight feeling of stretch or tension but it should not be painful. It will not make you more flexible to be in pain. Work with the body, listen, be patient and develop your practice of stretching.The may be some soreness as stretching occurs and as adaption in the body occurs, but it should be mild, and the body should feels warm and relaxed while undertaking stretches.

No need to rush into it, go at your bodies pace, if you listen it will let you know what it can achieve without putting it under undue stress.

Stretching safely is about listening to the body and working with it, and making sure we have an attitude where we practice release, not push and relax and melt in to the stretch not push it through.

We can build flexibility, but it takes time, consistency and going gentle. Be Patient. Be Gentle. Be Observant.

Call us to set your programme of stretching and strengthening to build a stronger posture, energise and support all round fitness and health: 01208 816666

You may also find that a regular remedial massage supports your body when it comes to releasing tension and ingrained postural patterns - this can be a great complement to an exercise programme.

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*This advice is never offer in place of professional p=medical advice - please contact your GP or health practitioner if you have nay concerns about your health.

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