Posture Power

Would you like to have a secret...or perhaps not so secret super power?

Why is it all a bit Clark Kent?..because you do not need to tell anyone, no need to make any big statements, but as you commit to becoming more aware of and refining your posture....things start to change and you may well notice people saying, "You look really great!", "You always seem so confident..."

While it is fabulous to have compliments it is actually what is going on inside that is really profound and very well worth exploring. Posture can actually change the way we feel and our ability to handle and enjoy life.

Want to feel vital, energised, confident and powerful?....getting to know your body and developing healthy posture is the place to start.

Far from a dry, boring or rigid subject, posture awareness, its refinement and correction on a daily basis can offer many benefits in all areas of life.

Being aware of our posture can be no less than life changing.....are you ready to feel your posture power?

5 Amazing Reasons to stand, sit and walk tall:

  1. Breathe more easily: When we slouch and roll our shoulders down and in, we inhibit the movement of our lungs and other internal organs. The more we can open up our posture and stand tall, the more space our lungs get to do what they do best...breathe. This can be very supportive in terms of vitality and energy.

  2. Healthy neck and spine for life: the habitual movements we choose every day create the posture we have. It is not just about how we look, when the body gets stuck in a certain position through postural habits this can put stress on the spine and neck. It can in the longer term cause health issues and spinal problems, so the more aware we are of our daily postural habits early the better.

  3. Everyday Foundational Fitness: The muscles of your back, abdomen, hips and pelvic floor work together to support and stabilise our spine and provide the foundation for our everyday movement. We may think we do not have time for exercise, but making a choice to be posture aware all day everyday can be in many ways more beneficial than the occasional yoga or exercise classes. Exercise classes and the gym can be very supportive, but being aware of our everyday posture is one of the best things we can do to support our physical health and fitness.

  4. Less Stress in Joints and Bones: aligning your spine and posture means that the joints and muscles are more balanced and this can mean reduced abnormal wear and tear on the joints and bones. And long term this means reduced health issues and less aches and pains.

  5. Improve Your Mood: When we slouch and have our shoulders rolled in how do we feel? Being more posture aware can improve how we feel about ourselves and refining this daily builds a foundation of confidence and vitality. Stand tall in who you are and the whole world can feel it - Enjoy!

Being more postural aware is a life time commitment to your long term health and wellbeing. In a way it is actually quite an adventure as you get to understand how the habits, movements and choices along the way have impacted on how we stand, walk and feel about ourselves. Be it sitting at the computer, 'text neck', being a dentist, builder, cleaner, carrying children, accidents and injuries, competing in sport, repetitive tasks...all of these activities can leave a story within the body and unraveling this and exploring how we can approach them in the future can be a very interesting and personal journey.

Tips for Healthy Posture:

  1. Have a look in the mirror standing how your normally would, observe if your shoulders are slumped, tense, unequal, rolled in?... is your neck jutting out or the head slightly to one side? Being observant of how you feel, where you ache and what you look like are keys to great postural health. No need to judge any of this, awareness is powerful so use your observations to make changes.

  2. The spine has three natural and gentle curves, in the lower back, middle back and neck. One of the most simple ways to become more aligned posturally is to imagine a delicate thread gently running though the body drawing up the whole body though the crown of the head.

  3. A 30 second check in with the body, throughout the day can be super supportive: be aware of your breath and be aware of your body, check your feet position and what distance apart feels best for you, gently unlock your knees, lift the sternum gently, shoulders relaxed and open, chin gently drawn towards the chest with the neck long.

  4. Posture is not just about how you stand, but also how you sit, walk, and lie down.

  5. As you develop a routine, you will find a 'balance point' or place either sitting, standing, that does not put undue stress and tension on the joints and muscles. In this position you can potentially stand, sit or walk for long periods with less discomfort or tiredness.

  6. Develop an everyday simple stretch and relaxation routine to develop body awareness, pick up on habits and to develop flexibility.

It is never too late to look at how you can support your everyday posture to be more more healthy and supportive. It can take some time to refine posture. It may take weeks or months and is an ongoing development to become more aware, more flexible, more strong and steady and there may be at times some low level aches and pains as these changes occur, but in the long term it is so worth it.

Enjoy, Explore and get in touch with us at Inside out Health & Wellbeing. If you would like to know more, book in to have a 1:1 session, body work treatment, join an exercise class, or set up a personalised exercise programme specifically for your postural alignment.

Everyday we support clients to find their way and change their lives. We are passionate about lifestyle health and wellbeing. We have felt the benefit of it in our own lives and understand the impact it can have on your life - find your posture power!

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