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We are delighted to announce that Inside Health & Wellbeing Clinic is born, it is blue and beautiful and at the end of the old bridge in Wadebridge, Cornwall. The founders Samantha and Andrew are health and wellbeing professionals who are very aware that how they live in all areas of life, impacts on everything they offer in the clinic.

Be it work, home, with colleagues or 1:1 with clients, over the years a deeper understanding of responsibility and how our choices impact on our lives has developed. This means that a consistency of quality and care lived in all areas can make all the difference to every part of life. This is something that Samantha and Andrew are committed to refining and offering as standard at the clinic.

It is this quality of consistency and care that is felt in every session a client receives at the clinic. It is with this developing awareness, ongoing education and refinement of what they offer as practitioners that Inside Out Health & Wellbeing Clinic has been established, with a commitment to support clients to develop meaningful methods to support themselves through every day life with its inevitable pressures, to fulfil their potential and support their health and wellbeing.

Samantha Davidson

Samantha began work in social housing working with older people and adults with learning disabilities, once she had completed university in London. She very much enjoyed the daily interactions and relationships that developed from supporting clients in their homes. People and relationships have always been Samantha's focus, working with them in many different areas, including American summer camp schemes, hospitality, the volunteer sector, housing and now as a committed and passionate health and well-being practitioner, writer and presenter. In 2009 Samantha moved career and began training in Remedial Massage, beginning an ongoing exploration and study in the field of complementary health and wellbeing.

"Relationships are what life is all about, how we connect, what we learn, how we express, a life well lived is one where we have been willing to explore and learn all we can from all of our relationships, including the one with ourselves" Samantha Davidson 2018

Samantha is also establishing a food blog and lifestyle website called A Nourishing Life which complements beautifully the work at the clinic and how food and health are linked, sharing her interest in cooking and her ever-changing relationship with food to support others to explore what truly supports their own body.

Andrew Mooney

Andrew, originally from Australia, has worked as a physiotherapist for over 20 years. He studied Physiotherapy in Australia and completed clinical research in low back pain there, before heading overseas to work in Asia and London. He has a vast experience in both conventional medicine and complementary health and has worked in both the private and public sector.

He continues to develop his expertise in the field of physiotherapy, complementary health and research and is equally passionate in developing a clinic where conventional and complementary health practice work side by side and for the benefit of clients and the wider community, by pioneering a model of all round holistic health care.

Andrew writes and presents on health and wellbeing and is also preparing to develop training and support for practitioners in the health care field, understanding that the more that a health professional can truly self care and develop their own health and wellbeing, the more they can offer at work to their clients without falling into exhaustion, overwhelm or ill health which are becoming increasingly common in health care today.

"Becoming more aware of how we move and how we live is one of the best forms of medicine"

Andrew Mooney 2018

Samantha and Andrew met in London in 2000, Andrew was living in the West and Samantha in the East. They become a couple and later married in 2006 in Zennor, Cornwall. They have two lovely children and a dog has recently been added to the family. They appreciate life in North Cornwall, making the most of the space, landscape, nature and enjoying the seasons.

Both Samantha and Andrew share a natural inquisitiveness and interest in life and the ongoing development of their potential in relationships, wellbeing and life. This has became a natural focus for them to explore together and their ongoing education, exploration and learning has naturally permeated how they live and their philosophy of life.

They run successful and growing businesses including North Cornwall Physiotherapy and Inside Out Health & Wellbeing Clinic for the community of Cornwall.

It is something that will continue to evolve and grow as they do.

"Life offers us many opportunities to learn and to fulfil our potential, so we can flourish not function"

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