Healthy Lives: Refocusing our perspective: The Power of Appreciation

Exercise Wadebridge

I don’t know about you but I have fallen into the trap of concentrating on what is not working and the things I am doing wrong, thinking that if only ' this and that' would happen then things would be different….

Familiar to anyone?

It is all very well making a commitment to start looking after ourselves: diet, exercise, meditation etc, but if we are not really appreciating the steps we take concerning our well-being and self-care we miss out on a huge amount of joy and confidence developing within us, concerning what we are choosing in the positive sense, rather than all the things that are not working.

How can we build sustainable healthy lives when our perspectives are so narrow and honed on our failings and issues, choosing what we concentrate on like journalists looking for a story of drama and calamity and not true success?

A classic situation would be when we are really shining and feeling beautiful one day and someone else notices how we did our hair or the colour of the dress we wear, and gives us a heartfelt compliment…do we accept it and really enjoy it or do we wave it away without really taking it on board?

I literally was too scared to walk into a gym a few years ago, I thought I was too unfit, didn’t like the competition and the feeling of people watching and comparing with each other etc. I now walk in with ease and confidence, and I even teach exercises in my job. Do I stop and fully appreciate the changes in all areas of my life that has enabled this to occur? Do I really feel the significance and celebrate it? Or do I brush it off as just one of these things?...

Can we refocus our perspective?

So yes we may have become overweight and neglected our health, a tummy may have grown and lethargy set in and things could be improved, but do we start from a point of self-sabotage? Or do we appreciate that we have actually been honest about where we are at in our lives?

There are moments every day when we get to choose our focus in life. Can we build and develop what is working and be understanding with what isn’t? There really is so much to appreciate in our lives, without measuring ourselves against someone else or a false notion of where we need to be.

Just take a moment in your day, to stop and appreciate the small choices.

Can we appreciate that we went for a walk instead of watching TV or that we gave ourselves a nurturing lavender bath, or chose to not have that second helping of dinner, were gentle with ourselves when we got tired, or that we spoke up when we felt we had something to say that mattered?

When we wake in the morning, gently raising ourselves out of bed and begin the day how about checking in on our perspective…are we appreciating what is already there, the gentle light coming through the curtains, the warmth of the covers, how comfortable our pyjamas are, the warm water from the shower?

Can we refocus from self-sabotage to self-appreciation?

Through bringing our conscious awareness to our appreciation of life, we enable ourselves to begin to really challenge the negative patterns many of us find ourselves in.

Can we stop and appreciate one if not three things today that we have chosen?

The more we make this choice to appreciate ourselves and life, the more we enable ourselves to develop and harness, our true self-esteem, confidence and health.

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