Remedial Massage can be supportive for the  whole body, as well as supportive for dealing with a particular issue or injury e.g. neck, back, shoulder pain, headaches etc.  Whether  it is recent or something that has been building up for a while, it can help support the body to release tension and realign posture.

We make sure we consider the whole person in every session and look at the causes of the presenting issues and symptoms as well as the symptoms.

The techniques used are 'gentle but purposeful', with a commitment to ensure clients are equipped to support themselves in terms of exercises and home care advice.


We also offer focused programmes for rehabilitation and maintenance of general health & wellbeing. These include ongoing support with massage and home care advice for specific issues, related to the physical body and its health, whether it be a postural issue from sitting at the computer for too long or a physical injury, chronic pain, ongoing stress and exhaustion, etc. We can build a maintenance programme  to support your individual requirements.   

Many clients often resolve the presenting symptoms that they visit the clinic with, but feel the benefit of ongoing support and often book in for a remedial massage on a monthly or bimonthly basis. 

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North Cornwall Massage Therapist massaging a calf

The quality of the treatment I received is on another level. I felt so deeply cared for by Samantha, the warmth of the towels was so supportive and each towel was placed with a level of care I had not felt before. During my treatment, I felt like there was no time, it offered a real stop from my busy approach to life, each breath I took lasted longer and there was no rush for my next breath. I was able to feel areas of tension I was holding in my shoulders and face, which were no longer present after the treatment. I left feeling very joyful and more connected to my body. 

MH, Cornwall

What to expect in a

Remedial Massage Session

It can include postural assessment, gait analysis, tests to assess the  movement  of the body. Alongside body work and massage the client will also receive home care advice and an exercise programme as required.  

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