Exercise Rehabilitation 
1:1 Programmes

Specific personalised exercise and fitness programmes

1:1 treatment sessions

These programmes are great for anyone recovering from illness or an injury or preparing for/recovering from surgery. Also great support for anyone with a chronic condition through building physical strength in the body.  


Some people prefer exercise programmes more in a 1:1 setting rather than a class situation and these programmes are offered alongside our regular group classes for this reason.

These programmes include exercises to develop flexibility, balance, posture,  movement and body awareness. The sessions are personalised for every client's specific requirements and are gentle, purposeful and  accessible for all ages.


The 1:1 exercise programmes can include various different themes according to what is needed to support the body. These themes can include...


‘Core Stability’ 

Great for building up strength in the spine and pelvis to support movement.  

‘Spine Fit’ 

Exercises to restore flexibility, posture and strength in the spine. Great for anyone with neck and/or back pain.

‘Joint Replacements’ 

Specific programmes to assist people in preparing for and recovering from these major surgical procedures. We also cater for other joint replacements too.

‘Balance & Strength’ 

We can support you regain or develop confidence and strength concerning balance. We look at improving posture and establishing body awareness of movement, the centre of gravity and the placement of joints and limbs. Through 1:1 exercise support, home care advice and exercise plans. 

‘Pre-Post Surgery Rehabilitation’ 

Any surgery involving a general anaesthetic is a major life event which places considerable strain on the body and so it makes sense to get some physical support to sustain health through this often physically and emotionally stressful time. We can tailor programmes to support people undergoing any major surgery including having the expertise to guide clients through the process of how much they can do and when.

I feel I must thank Samantha and Andrew for helping me... A year ago my doctor told me I would need both knees replaced, having had many operations through osteoarthritis I sought the help of Andrew who taught me exercises to straighten my knees, not only are they stronger, one leg was not straight!! But now it’s great. I will not need them replaced! To help my body in general as I have osteoarthritis throughout my body, I have attended the exercise classes run by Samantha and it has helped my back considerably. I will never be free of this disease, but I’m amazed how exercise has helped me cope with it. I also have a massage with Samantha every 5 weeks, this again helps me. To sum up we can improve our lives with help! 



What: Exercise Rehabilitation

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