Receiving a massage during and after pregnancy can be deeply supportive. Samantha is a qualified remedial massage therapist and supports the body holistically while assessing how best to support any  physical symptoms arising.   


Pre-natal massage can support the woman as her body is  experiencing the many changes that occur, both physically and emotionally throughout  pregnancy.  


Massage can support  a deeper connection with your body and your pregnancy, by making space to rest and feel what is occurring within the body.  


Motherhood can be a beautiful  and developing stage of a woman's life,  bringing a deeper sensitivity and  awareness.


Having a regular massage during pregnancy creates a space that offers a stop moment that is precious and deeply nurturing. 


Samantha is specifically trained in pregnancy massage alongside her qualifications  in remedial massage and  so incorporates her understanding of anatomy & physiology, with an awareness of the particular conditions of massaging in pregnancy, to ensure that the session is safe, comfortable and supportive.  

Pregnancy massage can support and prepare the body for birth through offering the space for the mother to deeply connect with her own body and breath  and so develop an inner stillness and calm.  

Post-natal massage: often  after  the  birth  we can bring all our focus to our babies' needs and can neglect our own. Early motherhood is often a very busy, stressful and exhausting time. Offering our own body  the support and care it needs is very important during this time.


Massage therapy can support healing, resting, relaxation and revitalising  to enable women to really flourish rather than simply function and survive those early days of becoming a new mum!

"Samantha works in a way that is very gentle and caring, the room is warm and she has a gentle but firm touch which feels beautiful, my legs felt much lighter and more feminine afterwards, they have not felt this way for as long as I can remember. I would highly recommend a massage with Samantha, she looks at the whole person and not just the area that maybe hurting, I have found her holistic approach to be very supportive and healing."

RW, Bristol

There can also be significant changes in the body during and after pregnancy, so a massage post birth can offer support with any postural or biomechanical symptoms that are presenting. 


Massage after the birth offers a wonderful point of reflection  and rest, while offering tangible physical support for posture, any tension present and general  wellbeing after pregnancy.  

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Whatever stage of pregnancy you are at Samantha ensures that you are fully supported. The massage can take place in a position that fully supports you to rest. Extra pillows and towels are used for comfort whether it is sidelying or in a sitting position with the body and your 'bump' fully supported. 

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