Physiotherapy, sometimes known as 'Physical Therapy', is a healthcare profession that assists people affected by illness, injury or disability by using various treatments including movement and exercise, manual therapy, electrotherapy, education and advice.

Physiotherapists support the health of people of all ages, assisting people to manage their symptoms and to prevent illness and disease. This can include treatment of sports injuries but Physiotherapy is far more than just Sports Physiotherapy. It can support people in all aspects of their daily lives including work, leisure and every day tasks of life.

We support all of our clients with the same dedication and commitment, whether they are a top level athlete attending our sports injury clinic, or a retiree wanting to get back to their gardening, everyone receives the same high quality treatment and care.

Physiotherapy in its original form, takes a whole person approach to health and wellbeing, which includes lifestyle factors. A core value of Physiotherapy is to support people to self manage or self care for themselves.

At our Physiotherapy Clinic we fully embrace this philosophy and take it to another level. We support people to deepen their relationship with their bodies and their lifestyles, and increase body-awareness to discover why they may have the problem or issue with their health.

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This can be a way to prevent or lessen the impact of their symptoms on their life and bodies. We support people to support themselves.

“Very pleased with how my condition and its treatment were explained to me and the ways in which I could help myself, as well as having the physio treatment – holistic approach” 

JW Cornwall, UK

What to expect in a

Physiotherapy Session

A typical Physiotherapy session includes a physical examination which may require the removal of some clothing and may include gentle manual techniques including spinal and joint re-alignment, as well as gentle exercises, electrotherapy and postural/gait alignment correction and advice.