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Men's Health & Wellbeing Online Workshops.  


Hosted by Andrew Mooney, Physiotherapist and complementary health pracititioner, these workshops* cover many aspects of men's health and wellbeing with simple practical discussions to explore these topics together as a group.


Relaxed, informal and informative these workshops are interactive and provide simple tools and techniques that can be used straight away in every day life.

Covering aspects such as work, sleep, exercise and food and many more, we look at all aspects of daily life with the understanding that how we live is our best medicine and may be the key to improving our health and wellbeing.


These workshops were born out of many years of observations of men attending our clinic and also the wider statistics on the state of men's health and wellbeing in the world today.

Many men are struggling to cope with the demands of daily life either with poor physical health or emotional strain and many men often feel isolated and reluctant to seek support.

So these groups have been established to support men to start the conversation about their health and wellbeing and to explore some of the reasons why we struggle to change our lifestyles, even though they may not be so healthy for us.


*These events are not a replacement for medical advice, they are developed as a complement and support for whole body health & wellbeing. Please contact a medical professional if you have any symptoms of concern. 

"I enjoyed the men's wellbeing group immensely. I found the evening informative and stimulating at a relaxed pace, open and friendly. Would very much like to go to the next one."



What: Online Men's Health & Wellbeing Workshops

When: 3rd Monday of every month

Cost: £10

Where: Online via Zoom

Time: 7-8pm

Bookings: Please book inadvance

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