Massage can support the reduction of muscle tension and stress, throughout the whole body, while offering the client an opportunity to truly rest, restore and connect with their own body.  


It can support an  improved quality of movement,  develop postural awareness and invite a deep sense of well-being with gentle and purposeful techniques.   


It supports the lengthening of muscles,  flexibility in connective tissue and  has a supportive influence on the lymphatic drainage, circulation, digestion and the nervous system.  

An ongoing wellbeing massage maintenance programmes, which can mean making space for a massage once a month, can offer a great marker to reflect on in terms of how the body is feeling, stress levels and any physical symptoms that need support.

A wellbeing massage offer space to rest and release stresses, tensions and allows the body to regenerate. 

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"I found my sessions with Samantha truly lovely. I felt totally at ease, relaxed and still. I loved the way that Samantha made me feel warm and cozy and supported using the towels in a way that I had no experienced before. Fantastic relaxation and massage, would definitely recommend Samantha."

SK, Cornwall

What to expect in a

Wellbeing Massage Session

 It can incorporate the whole body or a specific area including the feet and lower legs, stomach, hands and arms, neck and shoulders or back etc.  Regular maintenance massage can be supportive for the whole body and can assist in reducing the symptoms of stress, while offering the body a marker of true care. 

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