Remedial & Wellbeing Massage

Massage supports the reduction of muscle tension and stress, throughout the body, while giving the client the opportunity to truly rest and connect with their own body. It supports an improved quality of movement, posture, sense of well-being and develops deeper body awareness, with gentle and supportive techniques. 


It supports the lengthening of muscles, flexibility in connective tissue and has a supportive influence on lymphatic drainage, circulation, digestion and the nervous system.

Wellbeing Massage can incorporate the whole body or a specific area including the:


  • Feet and lower legs

  • Legs

  • Stomach

  • Hands and arms

  • Neck and Shoulders

  • Back


Regular massage can support the maintenance and recovery of healthy tissues, aid in relaxation and through ongoing maintenance can offer the body a marker and moment of true care.  

Remedial Massage is supportive if you have a particular muscle tension pain, or postural issue either chronic or acute. It can include a postural assessment, some tests to assess the movement of the body, focused massage on a specific area and home care advice.


Musculo-skeletal injuries, sciatica, migraines, headaches, stiff necks, back pain and many more issues can be supported by remedial massage.

Focused Programs for health & wellbeing offer ongoing support with massage and home care advice to support specific issues, related to the physical body and its health, whether it be a postural issue from sitting at the computer for too long or ongoing stress and exhaustion, we can build a program to best support your individual requirements. 

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The quality of the treatment I received is on another level. I felt so deeply cared for by Samantha, the warmth of the towels was so supportive and each towel was placed with a level of care I had not felt before. During my treatment, I felt like there was no time, it offered a real stop from my busy approach to life... I was able to feel areas of tension I was holding in my shoulders and face, which were no longer present after the treatment...I left feeling more connected to my body.


MH  2016

For appointments phone 01208 816666