Lymphatic Drainage Massage uses gentle strokes to support the lymphatic system. It is a specialised massage, supporting your body’s lymphatic system.


A lymphatic drainage massage supports the functioning of the lymphatic system enabling the body to eliminate toxins and excess fluid from the body’s tissue. Unlike the circulation system the lymphatic system does not have an internal pump and so relies on our movement to enable it to move through the body, this is one of the reasons why gentle lymphatic drainage massage can support the body to cleanse. 

The lymphatic system is delicate, sensitive system and it supports our body in many different ways. 

Massage offers a space for the body to  rest and recalibrate, while practically offering support to the bodies systems, the client also has the space to reconnect. 

At the clinic we are committed to ensuring that every massage is carried out with care, professionalism and understanding every clients specific requirements. This massage is great if you have swollen legs and ankles or have been recently restricted in movement. 

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I had 2 partial knee replacements in January 2017 I was aware the recovery would be long and painful. I did my exercises as instructed and attended 

physiotherapy at hospital. I realised I needed extra help to reduce swelling in my knees and legs therefore I made

an appointment to see Andrew. He put me in touch with Samantha and from June that year we have worked together with massage and relaxation. She is very professional and put me at ease in the lovely treatment room, I leave her care with my knees,legs and feet feeling wonderful. I highly recommend this practice and even though I can now walk pain free I will still attend the clinic for my wellbeing.

LW, Cornwall

What to expect in a

Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

 It can incorporate the whole body or a specific area. The strokes are gentle and rhythmic.  Regular massage can be supportive for the whole body, can assist in reducing physical symptoms while offering the body a marker of true care. 

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