Exercise Rehabilitation

In response to many people needing more physical support for their bodies in daily life, and either being shy of the gym or not sure where to start, we have developed fully supervised gentle exercise and rehabilitation sessions using some of the latest modern rehabilitation equipment.


Gaining and maintaining physical fitness does not have to be painful, intense or arduous. We design gentle fitness programs that can increase physical strength, improve tone and general cardiovascular fitness, improve posture and body awareness, improve general flexibility and control body weight.

Do you have a longer term chronic condition?

Are you recovering from an operation or illness?

Are you struggling to commit to your home exercise program?!

Do you dislike and avoid gyms?

Then these sessions are for you.

Gentle exercise can also be a great way to help manage long term chronic health conditions and chronic pain.


Often we require a certain level of physical fitness to be able to do our job or our hobbies or to get through our day. We will assess your personal needs and tailor a program specifically to meet these so that your body is 'fit for life.'


No previous experience in exercise is necessary and we cater for all levels of fitness, age and ability.

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“Great help, feels like I’m beginning to understand how to take responsibility for my back! Thank you”


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For appointments phone 01208 816666
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