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Pregnancy Massage / Pre & Post Natal

​Receiving a massage during and after pregnancy can be deeply supportive for both mother and baby. Samantha is a qualified remedial massage therapist and supports the body holistically while assessing how best to support any physical ailments and issues arising. 

Pre-natal massage can support the body while it is experiencing the many changes that occur, both physically and emotionally throughout pregnancy.

Benefits can include:

  • Calming the body and mind

  • Decreasing muscular tension, cramps and postural issues associated with extra weight gain and physical changes

  • Decreasing lower back pain

  • Supporting general well-being

  • Enhancing sleep

  • Supporting a deeper connection with your body and baby, by making space to rest and feel what is occurring within the body. 

Motherhood can be a beautiful and evolving step in life, bringing a deeper sensitivity and awareness, but it can also unearth worries that we did not even know we had. Having a regular massage during pregnancy and after, is a safe space that offers both emotional and physical support.

Physical changes in pregnancy can include exhaustion, tension, back pain and swollen limbs. Pregnancy massage offers support to decrease these common symptoms, while offering a physical support that allows the body to truly rest.  

Samantha is specifically trained in Pregnancy massage alongside her qualifications in Remedial Massage and so incorporates her understanding of anatomy & physiology, with an awareness of the contraindications of massaging in pregnancy, to ensure that the session is safe, comfortable and supportive.

The massage takes place in a side position with the bump fully supported. Samantha ensures that the cream is warm and that there are adequate pillows to allow full relaxation and rest. 

Post-Natal Massage, often after the birth we can bring all our focus on to our babies needs and can neglect our own. Offering our own bodies support and care in a number of ways, including massage can be very self-supportive and enable us to really support others.

Benefits can include:

  • a precious opportunity for the woman to make space to self -nurture and rejuvenate

  • Decrease upper back pain due to feeding.

  • Decrease muscular and postural tensions or aches.

  • Encourages a general sense of well-being

  • Enhances sleep

  • Supports the vascular and lymphatic systems. 

  • Offers a space to unwind, rest and heal.

Massage after the birth offers a wonderful point of reflection and rest, while offering very tangible physical support for the posture and any tension present after pregnancy.

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The quality of the treatment I received is on another level. I felt so deeply cared for by Samantha, the warmth of the towels was so supportive and each towel was placed with a level of care I had not felt before. During my treatment, I felt like there was no time, it offered a real stop from my busy approach to life... I was able to feel areas of tension I was holding in my shoulders and face, which were no longer present after the treatment...I left feeling more connected to my body.


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For appointments phone 01208 816666