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North Cornwall Physiotherapy


The Clinic was established in 2011 to offer the community of Wadebridge and Cornwall an innovative and holistic approach to health care incorporating high quality conventional and complementary health services in a professional, modern environment.


We always consider the whole body, its movements, its postures and its environment, whether it be a knee replacement, back issue, anxiety or exhaustion.

The clinic is renovated and maintained to a high standard. It is warm, inviting and a community wellbeing hub, offering workshops and events alongside complementary, conventional health care modalities and wellbeing products for purchase.

We do not just look at the immediate presenting symptoms in isolation but explore the deeper causes, including lifestyle factors and empower our clients through self-care programs to support their own health and manage their own conditions.

Whether it is Physiotherapy, Remedial Massage, Preganancy Massage, Lymphatic Manual Drainage, Beauty Facials, Exercise Classes or Wellbeing Workshops, there is something to support everyone with their health and wellbeing.

“The treatment I have received has been amazing not just treating the pain but also the reason causing it. A truly holistic approach that I really appreciate.” MW, Cornwall


Samantha and Andrew Mooney are established health professionals who have a shared passion for health and wellbeing as a foundation for living life with purpose and vitality. They are committed to consistently developing their professional skills alongside refining their own lifestyles.

Andrew and Samantha share this philosophy of true care and support, alongside their friendly and conscientious reception staff, from the moment you step into the clinic.


Whether you are booking an appointment, having a session, attending a workshop or taking home a product or an exercise programme, they make it a priority to support their clients, offering a professional, consistent and considerate service. 

Welcome to North Cornwall Physiotherapy Clinic, a space for you to stop, rest, heal, recover, regenerate, rejuvenate and move on in life with the ongoing support of our professional services, advice and home care programs.

“Superb. After one session I understood why I was getting continual back pain. Simply explained. Simple remedies.” VB, Cornwall